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View 101  2008-EGG-PL-0001-WROBEL  Lucyna  Wróbel  Kamińska        Wrocław 1930-00-00  Lucyna Wróbel was born in a village in Polesia, then in Poland now in western Belarus, in 1930. H...  Lucyna Wróbel naît en 1930 dans un village de Polésie en Biélorussie occidentale, alors polonaise...  PL CERCEC/RFI  Licence Creative Commons Public PL/CH Polska Polska Peasant, miner Peasant 1940-04-13  1945-00-00  Agriculture in kolkhoze, caretaker of the canteen  1945-00-00  0000-00-00  Textile worker     Member of Związek Sybiraków 
View 107  2008-EGG-PL-0001-WERNER  Krzysztof Janusz   Werner           Opole 1928-10-00  Дрогобич Krzysztof Janusz Werner was born in Polish Drohobycz, now Drohobych in western Ukraine, in 1928. ...  Krzysztof Janusz Werner naît en 1928 à Drohobycz, en Ukraine occidentale, alors polonaise. Son pè...  PL CERCEC/RFI  Licence Creative Commons Public PL Polska Polska Railway administrator 1945-07-00  0000-00-00  different works  1954-00-00  0000-00-00  Local urban administration (administration d'urbanisme)   Member of the Association of ancient members of Armia Krajowa  Labour camp
View 99  2008-EGG-PL-0001-KUCZEWSKA  Felicia-Anna  Kuczewska          Wrocław 1930-00-00  Ваўкавыск (Wołkowysk) Felicja Anna Kuczewska was born in 1930 near Białystok, where her father had been given land as a...  Felicja Anna Kuczewska naît en 1930 près de Białystok, où son père s’était établi en tant que col...  PL CERCEC/RFI  Licence Creative Commons February 1940 Public PL Polska Polska Peasant 1940-02-00  0000-00-00  Felicja and her brothers and sisters, too young to work, were sent to a Russian school.  1941-10-00  1946-03-00  Peasant, studies, civil servant   She's preparing her written memories. The interveiw with Felicja-Anna Kuczewska is conducted in t...  Special settlements
View 108  2008-EGG-PL-0001-KOVACS-MALINOWSKA  Stella  Kovacs-Malinowska          Wrocław 1929-06-30  Львів Stella Malinowska-Kovacs was born in 1929 in Lvov. Her parents are pharmacist and technician. Jew...  Stella Kovacs-Malinowska naît en 1929 à Lvov de père pharmacien et de mère technicienne. Ses pare...  PL CERCEC/RFI  Licence Creative Commons April 1940 Public PL Polska Polska Pharmacist Laboratory worker 1940-04-13  0000-00-00  Too young to work. After the amensty, commerce of personal affairs. Stella's mother works before the amnesty in the sovkhoze, and starting by 1942 in a shoe mill.  1942-00-00  0000-00-00  Student   Member of Zwiazek Sybirakow  Special settlements
View 66  2008-EGG-LV-0001-ZALCMANE  Austra  Zalcmane          Rīga 1935-02-24  Dīcmaņi Austra Zalcmane was born in 1935, the daughter of a local historic leader of the Aizsargi, a para...  Austra Zalcmane, née en 1935, est la fille d’un un chef local historique des Aizsargi, une organi...  LV CERCEC/RFI  Licence Creative Commons June 1941 Private LV Latvija СССР National Guard Primary school teacher 1941-06-00  0000-00-00    1946-00-00  0000-00-00  Teacher     Special settlements
View 75  2008-EGG-LV-0001-SHATS  Jacovs  Šacs          Rīga 1929-00-00  Rīga Jakovs Šacs is born in 1929 in Riga (Latvia) in a family comfortably off. His father is a pharmac...  Jakovs Šacs naît en 1929 à Riga, en Lettonie, d’une famille aisée de la bourgeoisie riguase, son ...  RU CERCEC/RFI  Licence Creative Commons June 1941 Private RU Latvija СССР Pharmacist Housewife 1941-06-14  1946-00-00  Wood selling  1946-00-00  0000-00-00  Engineer       Special settlements
View 76  2008-EGG-LV-0001-ROZENTAL  Rafail  Rozental          Rīga 1937-09-27  Rīga Rafails Rozentāls was born to a highly educated Jewish family in Riga in September 1937. His fath...  Rafails Rozentāls naît à Riga en septembre 1937 d’une famille intellectuelle juive. Son père est ...  RU CERCEC/RFI  Licence Creative Commons June 1941 Private RU Latvija СССР Attorney Primary school teacher 1941-06-14  1956-00-00  During the deportation, his father is working in a factory and becomes its' Chief accounting officer. Minor, Rafail doesn't work, but studies.  1956-00-00  0000-00-00  Student   Special settlements
View 74  2008-EGG-LV-0001-CALITIS  Ints  Calitis          Rīga 1931-03-05  Rīga     LV CERCEC/RFI  Licence Creative Commons Private LV Latvija СССР Journalist Artist 1949-00-00  1955-00-00  Gold and uranium mines  1956-00-00  1958-00-00  Jewelry maker/Electrician Ints Calitis was arrested and deported three times: in 1948, in 1958 and in 1983. The first accu...  "Special camp"
View 198                1й квартал приозерный район 2022-12-14  1й квартал приозерный район       Adam Chwalinski April 1940 Private Deutsche Demokratische Republik Deutsche Demokratische Republik Accountant Accountant 2022-12-14  2022-12-14    2022-12-14  2022-12-14  Accountant       "Special camp"

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