Id 74  
Id (Identifiant) 2008-EGG-LV-0001-CALITIS
First name of interviewed (Prénom de l’interviewé) Ints  
Last Name of interviewed (Nom de l’interviewé) Calitis  
Last Name of interviewed father (Nom du père de l'interviewé)  
First name of interviewed cyrillic script (Prénom de l’interviewé en cyrillique)  
Last Name of interviewed cyrillic script (Nom de l’interviewé en cyrillique)  
Last Name of interviewed father cyrillic (Nom du père de l'interviewé en cyrillique)  
Locality Rīga
Birthdate (date de naissance) 1931-03-05
Place of birth (Lieu de naissance) Rīga
Biography of interviewed (Biographie de l’interviewé)
Biography of interviewed in French (Biographie de l’interviewé en français)  
Home language (Langue d’usage de l’interviewé) LV
Copyright (copyright) Licence Creative Commons
Deportation (Déportation)
Access Right (Droits d'accès) Private
Mother tongue (Langue maternelle) LV  
Citizenship at birth (citoyenneté à la naissance) Latvija  
Citizenship at the time of the deportation (citoyenneté au moment de la déportation) СССР  
Father occupation (Profession du père) Journalist  
Mother occupation (profession de la mère) Artist  
Date of first deportation - Start - (date de la première deportation) 1949-00-00  
Date of first deportation - End - (date de la première deportation) 1955-00-00  
Work in deportation (Travail en déportation) Gold and uranium mines  
Date of first liberation - Start - (date de la première libération) 1956-00-00  
Date of first liberation - End - (date de la première libération) 1958-00-00  
Occupation after return (Premier emploi au retour) Jewelry maker/Electrician  
Other interviews (Autres interviews) 1  
Written memories (Mémoires) 1  
Comments (Commentaires) Ints Calitis was arrested and deported three times: in 1948, in 1958 and in 1983. The first accusation was "anti-Soviet bandit". The second count of indictment was "contre-revolutionary activity and propaganda". He was sentenced respectively to 25, 6 and 6 years, sentences that he served in Kolyma, Magadan, Mordovia, and the region of Perm'.  
Type Of Settlement "Special camp"