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Actions Id Name (Nom)
View 83  Jurisconsult 
View 84  Nurse (infirmière) 
View 85  Unemployed person 
View 86  Book-seller (libraire) 
View 87  Wine-grower, administrator of a stockroom in a kolkhoz 
View 88  Apiculturist 
View 89  Combine harvester (conducteur de moissonneuse-batteuse) 
View 90  Wood transport, then film projection 
View 91  Technical responsible 
View 92  Apprentice to be carpenter or tractoriste (apprenti) 
View 93  Shoemaker 
View 94  Specialist of metallurgy 
View 95  Crane operator (grutier) 
View 96  Forester 
View 97  Engineer and actor 
View 98  Economist 
View 99  Unknown 

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