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Actions Id Name (Nom)
View 63  Tailor 
View 64  Employee in a life insurance company 
View 65  Civil servant 
View 66  Canteen employee 
View 67  Clerk 
View 68  Miner, engineer, vice director and director of mines 
View 69  Peasant, studies, civil servant 
View 70  Land nobility 
View 71  Employee, executive 
View 72  Peasant, miner 
View 73  Textile worker 
View 74  Sales assistant, housewife 
View 75  Local urban administration (administration d'urbanisme) 
View 76  Railway administrator 
View 77  Laboratory worker 
View 78  Weaver (tisseur) 
View 79  Technician 
View 80  Cleaning of the turf 
View 81  Watchman 
View 82  Vice-People's Commissar for Agriculture, administrator of film studio, professional revolutionary 

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